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Ladybug Balloon

The Ladybug  Balloon will not float, but will stand on a flat surface and bounce when bopped on the head. If you want it to float, use crepe paper streamers and tape instead of pipe cleaners for the legs.


Red Balloons

Pipe Cleaners

Black markers or Glitter Pens


Inflate a balloon of desired color to about 9 inches, and attach a ribbon to secure the balloon to a table or chair while working.

Twist 6, 12" craft pipe cleaners together to create 3, 24" pipe cleaners. Lay the pipe cleaners across the middle of the balloon and secure with tape.

Form the pipe cleaners around the balloon, spread them apart, and then bend the ends upward. When you flip the balloon over, it should stand on the pipe cleaners. You've got legs! Bend the very ends of the legs to create feet.

You can now cut off the ribbon while being careful to not puncture the balloon.

The knot in the neck of the balloon will be the nose. Draw the rest of the face with markers or glitter pens, and decorate with spots to create your ladybug!

Have fun with the colors. Who says ladybugs have to be red with black dots?

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