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Kwanzaa Banner

What a great way to celebrate Kwanzaa. Create a banner to express the meaning of Kwanzaa.


  2 Sheets 9" X 12" black Foam

  1 Sheet 9" X 12" red Foam

  1 Sheet 9"X 12" green Foam

  1 Sheet 9" X 12" butterscotch Foam
White Sharpie Poster Paint Marker

Tacky glue
4" - 1/3" black satin ribbon 


Click on Printables and using patterns, cut shapes from foam.
Assemble banner as shown in photo. Glue in place.

Cut irregular triangle shapes from red, green and black foam. Glue to bottom of candle holder.

Cut smaller irregular triangle shapes and glue around sign. 
Print the seven principles (Nguzo saba) of Kwanzaa on candles using a white poster paint marker.
Glue a 4" piece of black ribbon into a loop then glue to back of banner for hanger.
The seven principles of Kwanzaa are: Umoja-Unity, Kujichagulia-Self Determination, Ujima-collective Work and responsibility, Ujamaa-cooprative economics, Nia-Purpose, Kuumba-Creativity and Imani-Faith

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Image of Kwanzaa Banner


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Teri Smyth

Teri Smyth is a British Illustrator, Mother of one and crafts dabbler. Not necessarily in that order. You can visit her blog  at http://terismyth.blogspot.co.uk/

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