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Grinning Pumpkin Tee Shirt

You won’t be the only one grinning on Halloween with a T-shirt this crafty! Glitter and glow paint make for the perfect pumpkin, whether you’re wearing it to parties or out trick-or-treating. This craft needs adult supervision but the kids can help the some of the steps.


Tulip® Fashion Glitter™  Gold Fine  
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint
 Fluorescent Orange  
 Yellow Glow  
Tulip® Fashion Glitter Bond™ 1 oz  
Craft sponge
Black Jerzees® T-shirt
Foil or foam plate for palette
Freezer paper
Scratch paper
Craft knife


1. Click on Printables and enlarge pumpkin pattern to desired size.

2. Tear a sheet of freezer paper large enough to fit pattern. Trace pattern onto freezer paper then cut out designs with a craft knife (leaving outside edges of paper intact) to create stencil.

3. Position stencil on front center of T-shirt, waxy side down, and iron over stencil to temporarily hold in place. Make sure edges of stencil are sealed.

4. Insert shirtboard between layers of shirt to prevent paint seepage.

5. Squeeze puddles of each paint color on palette. Use the craft sponge to pounce White Slick paint into stencil openings. Let dry and add a second coat. Let dry.

6. Sponge Yellow Glow onto lower portion of eyes, nose, mouth and lower half of the pumpkin stripes and base. Let dry and add a second coat.

7. Pounce Neon Orange Slick onto upper area of eyes, nose, mouth and top area of stripes and across base, blending with the Yellow Glow where they meet. Let dry. Peel off stencil.

8. Create a swirl in each eye with Yellow Glow, then add a line under the eyes. Sprinkle some gold glitter on top while paint is still wet.

9. Continue adding a thin line of paint on bottom area of nose, mouth, pumpkin base and on one side of the pumpkin stripes. Sprinkle gold glitter over wet paint. Gently press glitter down with piece of scratch paper and let dry. Shake off excess glitter.

10. Squeeze thin line of Neon Orange Slick around the upper edges of eyes, nose, mouth and top and bottom of unlined areas. Let dry.

This craft was designed by Suzie Shinseki and is reprinted courtesy of ILoveToCreate.com.

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