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Funny Bunny Egg

This funny bunny is egg-actly what your Easter decorating needs. Kids will have loads of fun creating different expressions for each bunny egg.


Americana Acrylics
  Snow (Titanium) White
Americana Writers
  Bubblegum Pink
  Glamour Dust
  Glamour Dust Crystal
Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer
Two 12" 15-mm white chenille stems
Two 12" 6-mm pink chenille stems
Two 12" 6-mm white chenille stems
1 1/2" white pompon
Lo-temp glue gun
Foam plate
1/2" flat brush


Basecoat egg Snow White, allowing to dry after each coat.

Apply coat of Multi-Purpose Sealer over Snow White. While wet, sprinkle egg with Glamour Dust; let dry.

Refer to photo for placement and use Bubblegum Pink Americana Writer to paint inverted triangle for nose shape.

Use Black Writer to paint mouth, eyes, brows, and dots by whiskers; let dry.

Glue pompon to back of egg for tail.

Fold each pink chenille stem in half. Bend each 15-mm white chenille stem in half, leaving curve at bend. For each ear, glue fold of pink inside center to curve of white chenille stem.

Twist loose ends together and referring to photo for placement, glue ends to back of egg near top.

Cut remaining white chenille stems into thirds for six 4" lengths. Refer to photo for placement, and glue ends of three stems at each side of nose for whiskers. Curve ends of whiskers as desired.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of DecoArt.com.

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