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Frozen Sunburst Jell-O Pudding Push Ups

Looking for a fun Summer Treat for the kids? If so I have one for you – You can make some Sunburst Frozen Jell-O Pudding Push Ups. They look great, taste Yummy and they are so EASY to make.


1 Box (3.4 ounce) of Vanilla Jell-O Instant Pudding
Wilton’s Red, Orange & Yellow Gel Icing Coloring
12 Clear Push Up Containers


First I made the Pudding as directed, then split it up into three bowls. Then I colored one Red, Orange and Yellow. Now even though the Pudding is kinda Yellow the coloring makes it brighter.

Next I lined up all my Push Up Containers on my make shift Shoe Box holder. Then I started by adding a tablespoon or so of the Red Pudding, then Orange Pudding and finished with the Yellow Pudding. Is that Easy or what? Then I placed on the covers and stuck them in the Freezer for a cool treat that was enjoyed by all the kids on a Hot Day !! This mom scored some more points with the kids yet again !!

This craft is reprinted courtesy of The Party Animal.

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Image of Frozen Sunburst Jell O Pudding Push Ups


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