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Footprint Penguin

Footprints and handprints are treasured keepsakes for grandparents and parents and this cute Footprint Penguin  is our latest addition to the collection. It’s always fun for kids to look back and see how much they have grown since they made their prints.


Black, white, and orange paint
Paint brush
Googly eyes


1. paint your child's foot black and stamp on the paper. Allow to dry.

2. using your black paint, paint some wings on your penguin

3. using your white paint, paint a body on your penguin

4. paint on an orange beak

5. glue on 2 googly eyes

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Image of Footprint Penguin


Image of Meet The Dubiens
Meet The Dubiens

I love crafting with my kiddos, creating super fun lunches for them in the kitchen and taking pictures of them. My blog is a place for me to share all these things. I hope you enjoy!

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