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Eggshell Decorations

Decorate a Hanukkah card or package with these beautiful Eggshell Decorations.


Clean egg shells
Acrylic craft paint
Black paper
White glue or modge podge

Cardboard, like a cereal box, which is what I used
Hot glue gun, or white glue for the kids


Paint egg shells and set aside to dry.

Once egg shells are dry, working in small areas of your paper, brush on a coat of diluted white glue or modge podge and smash small sections of egg shell into the glue with your finger, such that the eggshell breaks into fragments. Continue working this way to cover the paper, and set aside to dry.

Once dry, go over the entire surface with a coat of diluted white glue or modge podge. 

Draw a simple petal shape on a piece of cardboard, and cut it out.

On the back of your eggshell decoupage, use this petal shape as a template to trace as many shapes as you'll need. On black paper you can use a regular pencil, or better yet a white or lightly colored pencil for tracing your shape.

Cut out the individual petals and arrange on a piece of cardboard in the desired arrangement.

Affix the petals with glue, hot glue being the easiest but not for young children.
Now cut out the entire shape leaving a small border all around.

Punch a hole in the top petal and hang with a beautiful ribbon or use a needle to attach a piece of fishing line for hanging.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of CreativeJewishMom.com.


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