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Egg Carton Litter Bug

Recycle those egg carton and create your own unique litter bug in the process.


Removable Glue Dots (for testing, or indecisive kids)
Craft Glue Dots (for final placement, or kids who will play heavily with the bug)
Mini Glue Dots
Empty, clean and dry egg carton
Objects destined for recycling (foam from packaging, handles from a gift bag, plastic ring from milk jug, #6 plastic deli container for shrink art)
Kid-friendly marker


Cut individual segment from egg carton for ‘body’ of bug.

Use Craft Glue Dots to adhere the egg carton segments together to form the body of the bug.

Make shrink art face pieces from the #6 plastic or use other found objects such as mismatched buttons to create the face.

Adhere face art to front of egg carton with Mini Glue Dots.
Cut ‘claw’ shapes from foam pieces used in packaging, such as packing peanuts.

Adhere 'claws' to body with Craft Glue Dots.

Cut off gift bag handles and adhere egg carton body with Craft Glue Dots to create bug legs.

Cut apart plastic ring in half to form antennae and adhere to head with Craft Glue Dots.

Have the kids draw extra details with a kid-friendly marker.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Glue Dots.

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Image of Egg Carton Litter Bug


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