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Easy Recycled Robot

Kids love robots and this craft allows them to make their own special robotic pal to include in their dreams of visiting other planets.


Empty container (we used a country time lemonade container)
Aluminum foil
Black marker (a sharpie works best since you are writing on aluminum foil)
Silver pipe cleaners
2 googly eyes
Soda bottle lids (optional as feet)


Put a few lines of glue on your empty container and wrap the container with aluminum foil. Make sure to glue the edges down. We found that this was the most frustrating part for our daughter. To make it easier use thinner, longer strips of aluminum foil or get it started and then have your child help you tuck in the ends.

Have an adult poke a hole in each side of the container for the arms.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the marker and then remove it. This gives you a nice spiral pipe cleaner that works great as an arm. Do this with two pipe cleaners and then insert them into the holes on your container.

Glue on two googly eyes. Use the marker to draw a mouth on.

Glue the sequins on the belly of the robot to look like buttons.

Glue three bottle caps to the bottom of the container to serve as feet or wheels

This craft reprinted courtesy of AllKidsNetwork.com.

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Image of Easy Recycled Robot


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