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Easter Bunny Card

For this Easter Bunny Card, the kids can use the large bunny pattern as an Easter card for someone special and the smaller one as a place card for Easter dinner.  It’s a great opportunity to make the kids a part of your Easter celebration.

Trivia: The Easter bunny was introduced to American folklore by the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 1700s.


Card Stock
Hole Punch


To begin making the Easter Bunny card, print the bunny pattern and cut out the large bunny to use as a template.

Using a paper punch, cut out the eye.

Select a piece of sturdy paper, at least 4 1/2 by 8 1/2 card stock is perfect, and fold in half crosswise to make a card 4 1/4" by 4 1/2".

Lay the bunny template with his base on the bottom edge of the paper and his nose and toes on the fold. Trace around him. Draw the circle of his eye. Cut out with good scissors and punch out eye with hole punch.

Using ribbon of your choice, tie a bow around the neck of each bunny.

When you're done you'll have a bunny card note that can be used as an Easter card or place card.

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