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Duct Tape Lanyard

Summer is coming and all the kids can use a lanyard. If Dad is a coach or a camp counselor here is something that he can really use. What is more fun than creating your own out of your favorite duct tape pattern.


Duct tape


Key Ring

Lanyard Hook


Cut a 30" piece of duct tape. Fold in half lengthwise. You might find it easier to cut  three 10" pieces and join them with small pieces of duct tape after folding.

Slide on a key ring.

Attach ends together with a small piece of duct tape.

Fold near the key ring.

Cut a piece of 2" duct tape to 1/4" wide.

Wrap it around the folded lanyard near the key ring.

Hook on a lanyard hook.

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Image of Duct Tape Lanyard


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