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Crepe Paper Jellyfish

This simple Crepe Paper Jellyfish is great for kids to make for any program theme involving the ocean or sea life, or just a fun summer project at home.


Large sheet of construction paper
Crepe paper
Some basic supplies( i.e. cups, sponges,etc.)


To create your jellyfish, simply cut out a freeform or half-egg shape from a large piece of construction paper, any color. Be creative and use cups, sponges, or other organic or circular materials to stamp paint onto the paper with non-toxic paint. When dry, glue strips of crepe paper of any color or colors to create the jellyfish tendrils.

Because jellyfish are such freeform and alien creatures to which most people have few preconceptions, even the most structure-oriented child can feel more liberated in experimenting with different shapes and colors.

For Variation Consider: Bubble wrap, beads, waxed paper, glitter, sand, found beach objects, or other three-dimensional materials glued to the project for greater depth. Watercolor paint, while poor for stamping, might also be used to embellish the project with blending, freeform colors. Any long, thin material can also be used for the tendrils in lieu of crepe paper.

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