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Button Man

Button , button, who’s got the button? You’ll hope you have lots of them when you see this Button Man craft. This prize winning project was made by Marianne Kirby who is a writer and artist living in Orlando, Florida. She loves repurposing found objects and rescuing old furniture.

Trivia: The word button is from the French word bouton, meaning bud or knob – buttons, as ornaments, date back several thousand years.


24 gauge craft wire or thread
Buttons of all sizes


Marilyn writes "I used 24 gauge craft wire to string these. I started with two equal lengths (and so had four ends - two in each leg) and made two legs, working from the bottom up. I combined the four strands (two in each bundle) to begin building the body, then split two of the strands out to make the arms. The remaining two strands were used to make the rest of the body and the head while the arms were built and then the strands were fed back through the buttons and wound around the central wire of the body. The result is really sturdy but still a little flexible. I'm sure you could use thread for a very bendy button man."

So don't turn any clothes with buttons into polishing cloths or other projects before you start a button collection.

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