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3-D Stars

Decorate your gifts with these fabulous stars. Just a little craft time makes an elegant trim for your package.


paper scraps in coordinating colors
star template in gradulating sizes
pop dot adhesives
craft knife or , die cutter or other cutting system to cut out the stars (we used Fiskar's Shape Cutter)


Grab a bunch of paper stars in coordinating colors and different sizes.  Place a pop dot foam adhesive circle in the center of the largest star and stick the 2nd largest star to the center of the first, turning it slightly so that the points of the second star are placed between the points of the first star.  Continue stacking stars in this manner until you have an ornament the size you like.

Make it Fuller:
To make an ornament that's even fuller, take 2 stars of the same size for each layer, before moving up a size.  To begin take two large stars the same size, put a pop dot in the center of the first and stack star of the same size on top, turning it slightly so the points of the 2nd star are paced inside the points of the first star.  Repeat each layer of sizes this way to get a super full ornament.

Turn This Idea Into a Christmas Tree Ornament
The 3-D stars make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments. To make one you are gong to place to identical stacked star ornaments back to back with a small thread (I like to use embroidery floss) hanger between them. Simple, but here's an important tip. Make the stars for this purpose -- if you make 2 stars and try to glue them back to back later, they will be off enough to throw the design out of balance. So, to make a Christmas tree ornament, start with the two identical large stars, glue them together back to back with a loop of thread between them. Now Place the second layer on one side. Mirror the opposite side to the first, lining up the points of each side's stars. Continue until you get a stack on each side that you're happy with. Hang on the tree.

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