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Where have you and your family traveled? Have you been in all 50 states…probably not. This USA Chalkboard Map makes it possible to map out your next family trip or chart where you’ve been. Road trip has a whole new meaning to the family that plans their journey with this fun project. This craft is a project for Mom and Dad to create but the kids will enjoy pointing out their destinations and the states they will cross to get there. It’s also a great project to teach the names of the various states.


Travel map craft printable
Wood board (size is up to you)
Sandpaper or sanding block (if needed)
Ruler and pencil
Center punch and hammer
Drill and drill bit
Super smooth paint roller
Chalkboard paint
Chalk (for curing the paint)
Carbon paper, graphite paper or graphite pencil (for transfer)
Mechanical pencil
White oil-based paint pen
Ribbon or rope (for hanging)
Chalk or chalkboard markers for decorating


Select a wood board in whatever size you would like your display to be and give it a light sanding if it’s rough. Then measure and mark where you want the holes to be in order to hang your map. Use a center punch and hammer to create a divot then drill a large enough hole through which to thread your ribbon or rope.

Wipe the board down thoroughly to remove any dust from the sanding and drilling. Then paint the board using a smooth roller and chalkboard paint, following the instructions on the paint can.

After the paint has fully dried, prep the chalkboard by rubbing the side (not the end) of a piece of chalk horizontally and then vertically across your entire board. Once the board is covered, wipe with a soft rag or cloth.

Print out the map template. The printable was designed for our 26″ x 18″ board but if you’re computer savvy, you should be able to size the map to fit whatever size board you have. If not, take it to Kinkos or any other quick print shop and have them print it full size.

Now it’s time to trace the artwork onto your board. You can do this by using tracing or graphite paper or you can rub a lead or graphite pencil on the back of the paper. Once you select which method, tape the printout (and carbon paper or graphite paper if necessary) to the board and trace the map and banner to your wood board, using a pencil. Lift portions of the paper without removing all the tape to make sure what you traced is transferring lightly to the board—you don’t want to have to line it up perfectly again!

Once your entire map and banner are traced, carefully remove the printout to reveal the wood and pencil lines. Use a an oil-based paint pen to trace the pencil lines you created then allow it to dry…it won’t take long!

Feed your ribbon or rope through the holes you drilled and tie securely.

Personalize your map with drawings and travel adventures then hang your travel map in any part of the house you’d like!

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