Thrifty Paper Napkin Pillows

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DIY Paper Napkin Pillow

Turn  paper napkins into inexpensive decorating accents. These Thrifty Paper Napkin Pillows are a great craft for teens who like to change their rooms frequently. Accent pieces set the scene.


Paper napkin(s) – design of choice
Sewing machine
Poly fiberfill
Aleene’s® No Sew Glue (optional)


Each pillow uses two same size paper napkins with all the plies attached. It’s the layers that give the paper napkin more durability. When you are selecting your design, keep in mind that you can mix and match and layer your patterns.


Line up edges, place wrong sides of napkins together and stitch a ½” seam on three sides.


Fill the pillow’s unstitched open end with the poly fiberfill.


Stitch the last edge up and trim the edges if necessary.


I stitched the edges using a sewing machine. I like the clean look of the stitches but you can also glue the edges together with Aleene’s® No Sew Glue. Be certain that the glue is completely dry before stuffing pillow.


Heidi’s Designer Tip: A great alternative to paper napkins are paper guest towels. They come in a fabulous assortment of design patterns and shapes.



Heidi Borchers for inspiredathome
Heidi Borchers hails from the first family of crafting. As daughter of Aleene Jackson, inventor of Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Heidi’s creative design projects have delighted worldwide crafters for over 30 years. Heidi’s specialty is eco-crafting and she is the author of hundreds of craft books. She is co-host of Inspired at Home Radio, a live weekly talk-radio show featuring ideas for living a creative life.



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