Thank “Ewe” Donut Treats

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Thank ewe donut treats for teacher appreciation day
Whether you are saying Thank You to your favorite teacher or anyone who has given you a helping hand, these Thank “Ewe” Donut Treats will say it in a memorable way  These treats are easy to make and you can make as many as the occasion demands in a short time.

Craft Glue Dots®
Desktop Dispenser (Optional)
Powdered Sugar Donut holes
White and black cardstock
Mini cupcake/muffin liners
Paper grass


Take your donut holes and place in mini cupcake/muffin liners. Place on plate and add your paper grass as your pasture.


Cut the sheep’s head from the black and white cardstock.


Adhere the paper head together with your craft glue dots and then attach to a toothpick.


Place toothpick/sheep’s head into the top end of the donut holes.


Add a little “Thank Ewe” sign with a marker to your plate of goodies and you’re done!




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