Rag Doll

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How to Make a Rag Doll

Scraps of cloth from old clothes turn into a delightful Rag Doll for hours of fun.  Why not pack away some of the kids toys and add some simple handmade items like this Rag Doll. When you get to a really boring day bring out the box with the packed away treasures and they will all seem new again.

Trivia: A rag doll is a children’s toy. It is a cloth figure, a doll traditionally home-made from (and stuffed with) spare scraps of material. They are one of the most ancient children’s toys in existence; the British Museum has a Roman rag doll, found in a child’s grave dating from 300 BC.


8 Strips of fabric 8″ long for the body
2 smaller strips for scarfs
Strips to tie off hands and legs
Markers for Face


Rag Dolls are simple to make will provide your kids with hours of entertainment.

Parental Involvement: Lots of teaching opportunities for knot tying, braiding, cutting, etc.

Kids Should Be Able to: Be safe with scissors

First hold the eight strips in your hand so the ends are even.

Second, using one of the smaller strips of fabric, tie a scarf on your doll’s head.

Third, using another small strip of fabric, tie a scarf around your doll’s neck.

Fourth, take three strips of fabric and braid them together to form an arm. Use a small strip of fabric to tie the ends of the arm together. Repeat to form the right arm.

Fifth, take a small strip of fabric and tie it onto the middle of your doll, forming the waist.

Next, tie a small strip of fabric onto two strips of the fabric to form your doll’s feet.

Draw a face.

Next step: give your doll a name.

Finally, give your doll a lot of love! (Or give your action figure a lot of love, as the case may be.)






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