Paper Feather Craft

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make your own paper feathers

Kids are fascinated by all the different birds in their region and often find feathers on the ground. Encourage their interest with this Paper Feather Craft. They can research local birds or birds from other areas for inspiration.


Elmer’s® Glue Stick
Paper (recycled paper packaging works best. Newspapers or old book pages are also pretty cool)
Spaghetti noodles (uncooked)
Masking tape
Watercolor paints and brush
Photos of bird feathers for inspiration


Using the pencil, draw a long oval shape on the paper to mimic a bird’s feather. Some are teardrop-shaped, while others are very long and thin. Try to make your feather shape like the bird you are using for inspiration.

Cut out the feather shape with the scissors.

Using the first one as a template, cut a second feather shape.

On a protected surface, lay a feather shape flat and spread with a thin layer of white glue.

Place half of a piece of spaghetti in the middle the feather where the spine of the feather would be. It should be ½ inch from the edge of one long side, but hanging out 2 inches from the other.

Place the second feather shape on top of the spaghetti and glue. Use your fingers to press the paper down gently and make the two layers of paper stick together, capturing the spaghetti noodle inside. Let dry.

Rip a piece of masking tape and carefully place it around the spaghetti noodle that is hanging out, creating a “quill.” Trim extra tape with scissors if necessary.

Using photos from a book, the internet or your own imagination paint the feathers to mimic a bird.

Lastly, using scissors, trim the feathers with little snips (careful to snip close to the spaghetti spine but not through it) to create a feathery fringe.



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