Medusa Themed Halloween Popcorn Box

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Popcorn Box Halloween Favor Holder

If you are planning a Halloween birthday party or just a Halloween party, this Medusa Themed Halloween Popcorn Box will be a hit to hold treats or to take home as a party favor filled with candies or prizes.


Dollar store doll head
Bag of plastic snakes
Green spray paint
Paint (multiple shades of green and red)
Two red sequins
Hot glue gun


First, you’ll want to assemble supplies.

Next, position your doll head towards the bottom of your popcorn box and hot glue it into place.

Spread the hair out along the sides and use the tiniest bit of hot glue possible to secure it.

Once the head and hair are in place begin tucking in plastic snakes; don’t be afraid to cut them it makes it much easier and then you can also use the tails. Glue everything down as you go along.

Right now she looks a mess of crazy colors, but don’t worry a quick coat of spray paint will instantly transform this project.

See? What did I tell ya? It’s amazing what a little paint can do, huh?

Glue your eyes on, and if you don’t have sequins you can always use red paint or red glitter glue.

To add texture and depth I brushed on different shades of green and a gold metallic.




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