Macaroni Paper Plate Lion

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Paper Plate Macaroni Lion for Kids to Make

This Macaroni Lion is an easy craft for kids. The best part is you only need a few simple craft materials to make this cute creature! There are all kinds of pasta shapes, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


Rotini (spiral pasta)
Paper plate or sturdy paper
Yellow Paint and brush (if you’re using a paper plate)
Black marker
Google eyes (optional)


Cut a circle from a paper plate or sturdy paper. If you are using a paper plate you will need to paint it yellow, make sure you paint the back of the paper plate (the eating side usually has a coating on it the makes it hard to paint on).

Glue your spiral macaroni all around the outside of your circle to make your lion’s mane.

Once you you have your mane glued on, add some eyes, nose and mouth!


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