Kitty Cave

Play toy for cats made from recycled materials.

This Kitty Cave is the perfect hideout for your ever curious cats. The materials are simple and readily available and your kitties will have a wonderful time in their crinkly cave.


Cats have ultrasonic hearing, this helps them hunt, especially small rodents like mice or rats who make noises in that range. It’s a sort of soft rustling, crinkly sound that they like. The sound can mimic that of a bed of dry grass and brush, which make a nice place for a cat to sleep. Source: Quora – Why do cats like crinkly noises so much.

  • Amazon Bubble Mailer
  • Jumbo Craft Stick
  • Scissors
  • Fleece Material Scraps
  • Glue


  1. Cut craft stick in half and glue to each side of the bubble mailer to hold it open.
  2. Glue fleece material around the outside, turning the ends in to make a neat edge

Turn the kitties loose to have a grand time in their kitty cave.







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