Halloween Skeleton Made From Pasta

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Pasta Halloween Skeleton

Say October and everyone thinks Halloween. This Halloween Skeleton Made From Pasta is a great art project for kids. The materials are inexpensive and allow for individual creativity.


Craft sticks, 24 per student
Glue (Craft glue is recommended)
Pasta: Macaroni, spaghetti, shells and twists
Skeleton System for reference: Twinkl.com


To make a sturdy pallet, the students arranged 20 popsicle sticks horizontally and secured them with 4 sticks glued vertically to the back. Taping with masking tape is another option.


A variety of pasta shapes were needed. I started by briefing the students with a simple sketch illustrating the proportions and the placement of shoulders, hips and joints.


Using white glue, students started by placing the head, spine, ribs and hips. They then added the shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet and let dry until the glue turned clear.



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