Felt Pie Sewing Exercise

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Everybody loves pie, felt or not! This quick fabric craft not only teaches sewing skills, but is a sneaky introduction to elementary math standards like geometry, measurement and estimation. This Felt Pie Sewing Exercise makes learning fun without the kids realizing that education is the end game.


Red and tan felt
Scratch paper
Matching embroidery floss and needle
Stuffing, batting or cotton balls
Optional: pinking shears


It’s a good idea for your child to sketch out a template for her project on scratch paper before cutting into the felt. Tell her to use a ruler to make a triangle that’s 3 inches wide at the base and 4 inches tall. This will be the top “crust” piece.

Repeat the same triangle shape, adding a 2-inch wide rectangle to the shortest side to make a “house” shape. This will make the bottom and side of the crust.

Help her carefully cut out the top and bottom piece.

Next, she can cut two 2-by-4-inch rectangles of red felt, which will be the “cherry filling”. If she wants, she can use pinking shears to add a fun texture to the edges of each felt piece.

To make a dollop of “whipped cream” for the top, she can also cut out a 1½-inch wide circle of white felt. Next, she should cut a 6-inch length of white embroidery thread, pinch the white felt circle between her fingers, and sew it to the top crust piece. Make sure she knots the thread on the back or underside of the felt.

Next, she can sew the long side of each red felt rectangle to the long sides of the tan bottom triangle, leaving the rectangular part of the “house” shape free. Help her fold the rectangular piece up, so that it makes a 90-degree angle. She should then sew the short ends of the filling pieces to the rectangular flap.

Next, have her sew the top triangle piece to the filling and back of the “crust,” leaving a lip for the crust’s edge. If she’s added the whipped cream dollop, make sure it’s on the side that will be facing up! Leave the pie open at the front for now.

Have her use an overhand stitch to fold over the top of the crust, if desired, to give it a rolled-dough look, or cut it into scallop shape.

Stuff the pie with cotton batting through the opening in the front. If she has trouble getting the slice to stand properly, have her cut a cardboard triangle slightly smaller than the template she made earlier and put it under the stuffing to create a base.



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