Clothespin Duck Tape® Dragonfly

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Clothespin Dragonfly

Show kids how to make this simple Clothespin Duck Tape® Dragonfly. There are such a wide variety of tapes available that each dragonfly will be special.


Duck Tape®
Crafting board
Card Stock


Make a Duck Tape fabric that is 6 in. long and 4 in. wide.


Make 2 Duck Tape fabrics that are 6 in. long and 2 in. wide and 2 more pieces of fabric that are 4 in. long and 2 in. wide.


Lay down the side pieces on the edges of the bottom pieces and use pieces of tape to attach them.


Fold up the side pieces and use squares of Duck Tape to secure the edges. This will make your box.


Tape a double sided strip of Duck Tape to make your first divider.


Repeat step 5 to make as many dividers as you want.


Add strips of tape to the top of your dividers.




Duck® Brand
Duck® brand delivers excellent quality products at an everyday value in several household product categories. Key products include DIY, craft, stationery and household goods.

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