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Valentine Bookmark

Make and  give this beautiful Valentine Bookmark to someone who likes to read for Valentine’s Day.


Decorative cardstock paper
Heart patterns or stencil with different size hearts
Elmer’s glue
12 inches of pink 1/8 - inch wide ribbon
8 inches of ¾ - inch wide decorative heart ribbon
Double sided tape or glue
1/8 - inch craft foam sheets, one each of pink, purple and white


Cut two pieces of the decorative cardstock in strips 6 ½ inches long by 1 1/8 inches wide.

Cut two same-sized hearts from each color foam sheet.

In the example, the largest hearts are cut in white to be 1 ¼” wide. The two pink are slightly smaller and the two purple a bit smaller still.

Cut three different lengths of the narrow pink ribbon.

In the example, the ribbons are cut to 4 inches, 3 ¼ inches and 2 ½ inches.

Glue the end of a piece of the ribbon on the back of a foam heart and then glue on the matching heart so the ribbon is caught between the hearts.

Do this with the remaining pieces of ribbon and the remaining hearts.

Set aside to dry completely.

Take one of the strips of cardstock and glue or use double sided tape to place the decorative ribbon down the front of one strip.

Leave ¾ inch extending beyond each end.

Fold the extensions to the back and glue or tape down.

Position the loose end of the three pieces of ribbon with foam hearts on the back side of the cardstock strip with the decorative ribbon.

Glue or tape them together at center top as shown.

Glue on the other strip of cardstock to the back of the first one.

You can now decorate the hearts if desired with tiny rhinestones or magic markers.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of the ArtfulCrafter.com.

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