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Uncle Sam Decoration

November 11th is Veteran’s Day. Time to strike up the band and bring out the red, white and blue decorations.


Dial Renuzit® LongLast® Adjustable Air Freshener
2 1/2" diameter hard-pressed foam ball
Acrylic paint: Navy Blue, Flesh Tone, Ebony Black, Baby Pink, Primary Red
Felt: 1" x 2" piece of French Vanilla; 1/2" x 7 1/2" piece of Navy Blue, 9" x 11" piece of White
True Red dimensional paint
4" length of white jumbo chenille stem
3/8" diameter blue button
5 yd. length of gray yarn
Small amount fiberfill
1/4" star hand punch
White adhesive-backed labels
4" x 6" American flag on pole
Craft glue
Glue gun & glue sticks
Serrated knife
Paint brushes

Editors Note: Serrated knife and Hot Glue Gun should be used by responsible adult.


Click on Printable to print out the pattern pieces for this craft.

HEAD: Use serrated knife to cut 1" diameter slice off bottom of foam ball. Paint ball with two coats of Flesh Tone and let dry. Use glue gun to glue cut edge of ball to top of Renuzit® topper.

TOPPER AND BASE: Sand topper and base to rough surface. Paint both with two coats of Navy Blue and let dry.

JACKET: Trace and cut one jacket from white felt according to pattern. Use pencil to draw lines on felt according to pattern and squeeze paint red stripes. (Note: Pull bottle away from stream of paint. If paint smears, allow it to dry and then use scissors or craft knife to carefully cut away excess paint by trimming away top layer of felt.) Let dry. Wrap and glue jacket around topper with overlapping edges at center front. Glue button to center front.

SLEEVES: Squeeze paint 2 1/2" long red stripes 1/4" apart on two 2" x 2 1/2" pieces of White felt. Let dry. Roll and glue each into a cylinder with 2 1/2" sides slightly overlapping. Insert 2" length jumbo chenille stem into each cylinder. Crimp and tuck one end of each sleeve and glue to topper at neck with seam to inside. (See Step 4 Illustration.)

HANDS: Cut two hands from French Vanilla felt according to pattern. Glue wrists to insides of sleeves.

HAIR: Cut thirty-six 3" lengths of gray yarn. Apply craft glue to top center of head. Attach ends of yarn, side-by-side, radiating out from center, going down sides and back only. Trim ends.

For bangs, cut five 2 1/2" lengths of gray yarn. Fold in half and glue fold to top of forehead.

BEARD: Cut eighteen 3" lengths of gray yarn. Fold each in half and glue fold to lower front of face in a curved row, going from one side of head to the other. (See Photo.)

HAT: Squeeze paint 2" long red stripes 1/4" apart on 2" x 7" piece White felt. Let dry. Roll and glue into cylinder with 2" sides slightly overlapping. Let dry. Wrap 1/2" x 7 1/2" piece Navy Blue felt around bottom of cylinder and glue, overlapping ends at back.

Determine diameter of cylinder and use compass to draw the proper size circle on White felt and cut out. (Note: Approximate size will be 2 1/4".) Glue onto top of cylinder (crown).

For brim, draw and cut 4" White felt circle and cut out 2" circle in center. Glue bottom of cylinder to brim, over 2" opening.

After glue has dried, lightly stuff with fiberfill.

STARS: Use hand punch to punch nine stars from white labels. Remove paper backing, and spacing evenly, apply stars to Navy Blue felt band on hat. Similarly punch five more stars and apply stars to front of Renuzit® base rim.

FEATURES: Referring to photo, paint cheeks Baby Pink, nose and mouth True Red and eyes and eyebrows Ebony Black, keeping features low for a cute look.

FLAG: Position and glue flag to Uncle Sam,s jacket, arm and hand.

GEL REPLACEMENT: When the original gel is depleted, simply replace with a new container base. If your project base is decorated, remove dried gel.

From a new container, remove new, non-toxic gel. Then slip it over the post of the decorated base and reposition the decorated topper.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Dial makers of Renuzit.

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