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Triceratops Hand Puppet

This Triceratops Hand Puppet is a good way to hold young children’s attention as you teach them about the age of dinosaurs. It is easy for them to use themselves as they create their own stories.


A printer
Construction paper, white printer paper or foam sheets (which is what we used to decorate our puppets)
Pieces of felt or material
Wiggle eyes
Glue stick, white glue or a glue gun (adult supervision required)
Markers, crayons, colored pencils (your choice)


Print out the patterns.

Cut out the templates. Pin the basic hand puppet pattern to a piece of felt or other fabric and cut out two pieces.

Glue or sew the two felt/fabric pieces together.

Decorate the other template pieces to your liking using either crayons, colored pencils, markers or colored foam sheets.

Use our pictures as reference for the placement of the body parts on the hand puppet.

That's it....let the glue dry before you start playing and performing with your puppets!

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