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Tissue Paper Painting Craft

Tissue Paper has so many beautiful colors and this Tissue Paper Painting Craft lets kids use them in a whole new way with this new bleeding craft tissue paper. This tissue paper may dye your hands so make sure the kids wear gloves or it may take a couple of days for their hands to return to their normal color.

Trivia: Tissue  paper or simply tissue is a lightweight paper or, light crêpe paper. Tissue can be made from recycled paper pulp.


Art tissue
Foam brush


This project requires art tissue found in craft stores instead of the regular gift wrapping tissue.

Cut tissue freehand in random shapes or a punch if you want a more structured design.

With punches you will need to feed multiple sheets of tissue paper through the punch at the same time. Single sheets of tissue are too soft to punch alone. You can also feed a sheet of printer paper through with the tissue. Punches work well with older children, or for younger children you can punch the shapes ahead of time.

Paint the canvas with water fairly evenly.

Layer the tissue paper shapes randomly covering the wet canvas. Once you have your paper on, let it dry to create a defined result. (sample on bottom right photo)  If, however, you would like your painting to have a softer feel, use your paint brush and add more water to the top of the papers.  This will create a more diluted result.

The ink will stay on your fingers most of the day, so wear protective gloves if desired. Once dry, remove the tissue pieces to reveal your masterpiece.

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“Tissue Paper Painting Craft”

  1. Tallene Owen says:

    I am looking for projects to keep kids busy in an after school program. This looks like a lot of fun for all ages!

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