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Sunny Days and Rainy Days

Sunny Days and Rainy Days come at all time of the year. Create the weather in your own world with this rotating picture.


Light blue construction paper
Dark blue construction paper
White construction paper
Yellow craft foam or paper
Crayons or poster paint
Glitter glue (optional)
Compass or any object to make a circle
Black marker pen
Round paper fastener


Always let your child use child-safe scissors.

Draw and cut a big circle on light blue construction paper.

Draw and cut a half circle (same diameter as the first circle) on dark blue construction paper.

Draw rain clouds on the half circle. Color the rain clouds with gray crayon or poster paint.

Make blue raindrops under the clouds with blue crayon or poster paint. You can also use glitter glue to come up with sparkling raindrops. Set this rainy day picture aside to dry.

Draw and cut a sun on yellow craft foam or colored paper. Draw a happy face if you like.

Glue the sun on the top half portion of the light blue circle.

Draw clouds around the sun.

Apply glue inside each cloud and stick some cotton to make fluffy sunny day clouds.

Glue the rainy day half circle onto the bottom half of the light blue circle.

Make a similar sized circle on white construction paper. Draw a line in the middle to mark the two halves of the circle and emphasize the circle's center.

Think of a foreground for your rotating picture. You can make a tropical seascape like this one, or you can think of other scenes like a house on a hill, or a city full of skyscrapers. Your picture should cover half of the circle and there should be an image covering the very center of the circle like the mountain in the middle of this picture. This point will serve as the pivot for your rotating picture.

Color in or paint your picture.

Cut out the picture.

Align this picture on top of the sunny day/rainy day background. Punch a small hole at the center.

Insert a round paper faster and split the ends at the back.

Change the weather of your picture from sunny day to rainy day or vice-versa by rotating the background.

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