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Squared Circle Card

These colorful self contained cards and envelopes are so versatile. You can make them in any size to fit your needs and in any combination of colors, so they’re perfect for any occasion. Tuck a photo or special message or design inside the card and bring a smile to someones face.


4 card stock circles in colors of your choice (you can use any tools you like to cut the circles, we used the Fiskar\\\'s Shape Cutter)
A square of card stock -- each side of the square should measure the same length as the diameter of the circle
Adhesive (we used an adhesive runner, you could also use a glue stick)
Abone folder for creasing

To Make the Photo Card You Will Also Need:
A second square of card stock the same size as the first square
A photo corner paper punch with removable corner guard (ours is by EK Success)
A smaller square mat to fit inside the punched corners and sides
A small square photo to mat on the smaller square


Fold each circle perfectly in half. Use the bone folder to make sharp creases in the corners.

Apply adhesive to one quarter of one of the circles (half of a half).

Tack the circle down to the back side of the square.

Repeat with the next circle, tucking half of the second circle under the open (unglued) flap of the first circle.

Repeat with the remaining two circles. You should end up with something that looks like photo 5. Use your adhesive to tack down any loose flaps on the back.

Turn the card over. To close, weave the four front half circles together like in the photo above.

To make a photo card like the one at the top of the page, cut a mat the same size as the card square. Use a a photo corner paper punch with removable corner guard (ours is by EK Success) to punch the corners and each side of the square. Slip a smaller contrasting mat into the punched corners. Center a small square photo on the smaller mat and adhere.

This craft reprinted courtesy of FabulousLiving.com.

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