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Skeleton Tee Shirt

Take that old black tee shirt or sweat shirt and recycle it into the perfect Halloween costume for a lucky kid.


Ribcage Appliques
2 Heart Appliques
White fabric
Red fabric
coordinating thread
Heat n' Bond or similar product


Click on Printables for applique patterns.

You can resize (shrink or enlarge) to fit your shirt the best.

Print out your applique templates and cut out.

Take your white and red fabrics and apply some Heat n' bond with an iron according the package directions. Cut a piece large enough for your applique pieces.

Choose a heart to use and trace onto the heat n' bond. Do the same with the ribcage. Cut out shapes.

Peel the paper back off of the fabric and flip over your shapes. Position your applique pieces onto your shirt to find the placement you like. Once they are in position, take off the ribcage and iron the heart onto the shirt according to package directions.

Sew the heart onto the shirt using a straight stitch, zig zag, satin stitch or whatever decorative or simple stitch you like.
Replace the ribcage and iron onto the shirt. Sew it on following the same instructions as above.

and you are DONE!

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