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Ribbon and Paper Eggs

These beautiful Ribbon and Paper Eggs will be treasured for years to come. Teens especially will enjoy making these Ribbon and Paper Eggs to decorate the Easter table or a make a bowl full to sit on the coffee table for everyone to admire. These eggs make great crafts to make and use as a fund raising project.

Trivia: Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are special eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime. In recent years chocolate and plastic eggs have become more common, but we think creating your own eggs is much more fun.


STYROFOAM™Brand Egg, 6"
Floral-print tissue paper, one sheet
Ribbon: wide, three different styles of choice, total of four 16" lengths; narrow, one 10" length
Wooden skewer
Paintbrushes: 1" stiff; small flat
Water basin
Paper towels
Straight pins
Thin, white craft glue or découpage medium


To start making these Ribbon and Paper Eggs, cut or tear tissue paper into 1" - 2" pieces.  Push skewer into center bottom of foam egg for handle.

Working one section at a time, use stiff brush to spread thin layer of glue onto egg surface.

Use small brush to gently spread glue onto back of one tissue section, paying close attention to edges. Position paper on egg, and carefully smooth tissue onto egg, clipping edges as needed to paper lays flat against surface.  Use same brush to apply additional tissue paper until egg is covered, overlapping pieces as needed.

Place skewer in heavy glass or jar; let egg dry completely. Remove skewer.

Cut four 16" lengths from ribbons of choice. Beginning and ending at center bottom, glue ribbons lengthwise around egg, dividing it into eight equal sections as shown. Clip ribbon edges as needed so ribbon lays flat against surface. Apply additional glue to clipped edges as needed; secure ribbon with pins until dry. Remove pins.

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