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Recycled Kitty Pencil Holder

Here’s a neat way to dress up a used soup or vegetable can and make a Recycled Kitty Pencil Holder for your desk or table. This would also make a cute gift to give to a friend or relative.


Soup can
Crayons or markers
Construction Paper
Googley Eyes
Puff Ball


Take a the construction paper and trace the can to get a strip that will cover the outside of the can. Cut out the paper.

Use a piece of tape to fasten one end of the paper to the can. Wrap around the can and glue other end to the tighten.

Cut out the ears and whisker section from the remaining piece of construction paper. Click on printables for the patterns.

Fold whisker section in half and cut strips from the open ends, leaving about 1/4 inch section in the middle solid. Unfold and crinkle whiskers.

Glue the ears and whiskers to the can as shown.

Glue a craft puff ball in the middle of the whiskers as the nose.

Glue googley eyes above the nose.

Accent the ears and face with crayons or markers.

Fill with pencils, markers, crayons, or anything that you like!

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Image of Recycled Kitty Pencil Holder


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