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Purim Noisemaker

The noise maker or grogger is a classic Purim prop used during the reading of the Megillat Esther (Book of Esther) to make noise every time the name of the evil Haman is mentioned. The reading takes about 1/2 hour, and during that time children who are old enough to come to the reading must sit quietly so that everyone can hear every single word of the story. So listening for Haman’s name gives everyone a reason to pay attention!


Plastic cups, any size, clear works well too!
Electrical Tape (my favorite new crafting supply)
Beans to fill the cup
Gold stickers
A popsicle stick (you can make these without the handle too)
Hot glue gun or other tacky glue


1.Fill one of the cups about 1/4 full with dried beans or anything else you have on hand that will make noise when shaken.

2.Attache the popsicle stick to one cup with hot glue, and then join two cups together with hot glue. My new hot glue gun is so hot it melted the cup the first go around, so use the hot glue sparingly.

3.Decorate the cups with electrical tape and stickers

4.Enjoy making lots of noise on Purim!

This craft is reprinted courtesy of CreativeJewishMom.com.

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One thought on
“Purim Noisemaker”

  1. Stephanie Lewis says:

    I like that our class is going to make them because we are about Queen Esther now. The kids in the class are home school.

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