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Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin

Simple materials like pumpkin seeds have been used for years by art teachers to make craft projects that appeal to young children.


Lightweight cardboard (we cut up an empty cereal box)
Pumpkin printable template
Painters or masking tape
Paint brush
Black marker
White glue
Orange, green and brown paint
Newspaper (to cover the painting surface)
100 dried pumpkin seeds (a small bag will be more than enough). If you are using seeds that aren't store bought, make sure to roast them first to dry them out, otherwise the paint will never stick!


Cover your craft area with newspaper. Make giant tape donuts and stick them down to the newspaper. Lay the pupmkin seeds out in a row on the tape. This is the easiest way to have your child paint the seeds - otherwise it's quite a bit messy! You need about 100 seeds total (this is enough to give you a bit extra).

Paint the seeds. You need 2 seeds painted green (for the leaf), 4 seeds painted brown (for the stem) and the rest painted orange.

While the paint dries, click on printables and print out the pumpkin template. Cut the pumpkin out and trace it onto a lightweight sheet of cardboard.

Squeeze white glue onto the pumpkin drawing and spread it around with your finger to make an even layer.

Place the seeds, painted side up, onto glue to create your pumpkin!

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