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Pompom Ant Chip Clip

Where there’s a picnic there are ants and this Pompom Ant Chip Clip designed by the FreeKidsCrafts team is sure to be a welcome addition to all the festivities. They’re fun to make and will help keep your picnic chips safe from their less desireable “cousins”.

Trivia: Ants are the longest living of all insects, living for up to 30 years.


Red Paint and Small Brush
1 Large Red Pompom
2 Small Red Pompoms
2 Red Pipe Cleaners
Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun


Paint the clothespin red. Let dry.

Cut a 2" piece of pipe cleaner. Bend into a "U" shape. Glue to the top near the end of the clothespin.

Glue a small pompom on top for the ant head.

Cut a 5" piece from the same pipe cleaner. Shape into a large "U" shape. Glue near the pompom for the first set of legs. Glue on the second small pompom.

Cut the second pipe cleaner in half. Twist together in the middle. Seperate and bend to make four distinct legs. Glue legs on the clothespin.

Finish by gluing on the large pompom.

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Image of Pompom Ant Chip Clip


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The FreeKidsCrafts Team

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