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Penguin Family

Say ‘hello’ to the perkiest penguin pack north of The South Pole. There is a papa Penguin too, but he didn’t fit into the picture frame.


STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Balls: 3"; 2-1/2"; 2"; 1-1/2"
Black acrylic paint
Felt: black; yellow
Wiggle eyes, two each: 15mm; 10mm; 9mm; 8mm
Serrated knife or plastic knife
Candle stub or paraffin
Wooden skewer
Stiff paintbrush
Disposable palette
Water basin
Paper towels
Thick, white craft glue


Note: Follow same directions for each penguin, using
corresponding pattern pieces and foam ball sizes; largest is D
and smallest is A.

1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut thin
slice from bottom of foam ball so it will sit flat. (Note: If
crafting with children, substitute a plastic knife for the serrated knife.)

2. Lightly draw circle on "tummy" area of ball with pencil.
Push skewer into circle. Holding ball by skewer, paint area outside
circle black. Place skewer in heavy glass or jar while paint dries.

3. Cut wing and tail patterns from black felt as indicated;
cut beak and feet from yellow felt.

4. Fold beak in half and glue sides together along fold; let
dry. Glue beak and wiggle eyes to face. Refer to photo to glue
wings and feet to body. Glue tail to bottom back of body to
help penguin stand.

This craft was designed by Kathleen George and is reprinted courtesy of Styrofoam Brand Products.

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Image of Penguin Family


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