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Paper Bowl Turtle

Kids will have a great time crafting these delightful Paper Bowl Turtles. Let kids use their imagination; make them in different colors.


A bowl (paper or plastic)
Masking tape
Some old cardboard or construction paper
Markers or pens for customizing


This project has a very basic design. Take a paper bowl (or plate) and use it as your turtle’s shell. Cut out some feet, a tail, and the head from some cardboard or paper.

Next tape your pieces to the bowl. To get your turtle to stand upright you can have your legs angled down along the sides of the bowl.

Now its time to color your turtle. You can decorate however you’d like, I chose to color my turtle with markers but you can paint or glue on anything.

I cut out some paper circles and glued them to my turtles face. Its easy to make some fun cartoon eyes this way.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of LooLeDo.com.

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