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Milk Jug Piggy Bank

Recycle and save your pennies too with this Milk Jug Piggy Bank. Remember 100 pennies make a dollar. Every little bit counts.


Gallon milk jug, washed

2 Empty toilet paper tubes, cut in half at 45 degree angles as four "legs"


White acryllic primer

Red paint

Brush or sponge

Pink pipe cleaner

Masking tape



Note: Lightly sand jug before painting project to better allow for the paint to adhere to the surface. Using primer instead of white paint as a base also helps, and is more economical.

Cut ear shapes from paperboard, using the pattern under printables if desired

Firmly attach four "feet" and ears to jug with generous use of masking tape.

Cut coin slot and smooth over with masking tape.

Mix a few drops of red paint into white primer, and apply to pig with brush or sponge.

Insert tail and embellish with finishing touches such as google eyes, inked face, etc.

Insert coins in slot. To remove coins, simply unscrew the "nose".

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