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How To Make A Frankenstein Costume

Halloween Costumes don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Here is a costume the kids can make and feel comfortable in at a party or trick or treating.


Green Tee Shirt
Phoomph™ for fabric Stiff - Green
Phoomph™ for Fabric, Soft - Black
Green fabric ( ¼ yard)
Black and purple fabric (⅛ yard)
Elastic cording or ribbon


To make the costume attach black Phoomph fabric stiffener to one side of the black fabric. Cut strips of black 3 to 5 inches long, and approximately 1/4" wide.

Remove paper backing placing the strips randomly on the green t-shirt.    Cut smaller pieces of black about 1 to 1½” long for the stitches.   Remove paper backing and place at right angles to the long stitch lines.   Note: Phoomph appliqué is not washable.

For the mask click on printables and print out the pattern.

Remove the paper backing from Phoomph and apply to the wrong side of green fabric. Trace mask design on to the paper backing. Cut along pencil lines. Using a seam ripper gently poke a hole in the eye openings. Trim away excess fabric.

Peel remaining paper backing from the mask and cover with green fabric. Cut away the fabric from the eye openings. Trim away excess fabric.

To make mask facial features follow the same steps as for the mask. Trace pattern pieces on paper backing. Cut pieces along pencil lines. Remove paper backing and apply to the mask using the pattern as a guideline.

Use an ice pick or large sewing needle to open holes for attaching elastic cord*. Thread the elastic cording through the holes from the inside out. Knot each end adjusting for fit.

* Optional: Substitute narrow satin edge ribbon for elastic cording. Cut two lengths of ribbon. Thread ribbon through the side holes knot ribbon on the wrong side of the mask. Pull around the head and tie in place.

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