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Lollypop turkey

Gobble, gobble, gobble will have a new meaning when your young Thanksgiving guests spy this  delectable turkey.


STYROFOAM* Brand Foam:
Ball, 5"
Egg, 2-3/8"
Sheet, 1" x 12" x 18"

General Tools and Supplies:
Decorative scrapbook papers: an assortment in fall colors and patterns; corrugated paper; textured brown paper
Beads, 5mm, two
Lollipops, 14
Paintbrush, 1"
Serrated knife
Old candle
Thin white craft glue
Low temperature glue gun and glue sticks

Some adult supervision is necessary when using the serrated knife and glue gun.


Pin or tape tail feather patterns to foam sheet. Wax knife with old candle for easier, smoother cutting. Cut front and back tail feather sections from foam sheet. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure an adult is available to help in cutting the foam pieces.)

Cut slice from bottom of 5" ball so it will stand. Slice 3/4" from back of ball; this is where tail will attach.

Cut small, angled slice from wide end of egg. Twist cut end of egg against front of ball until two parts fit together snugly.

Glue egg onto body using low temperature glue.

Tear textured brown paper into 2" squares. Working on one section at a time, spread glue generously over turkey body; press torn paper onto glue. Spread glue over papers, applying liberally to edges, so papers lay flat. Continue, overlapping pieces as you go, until body is covered. HINT: It may help to insert a chopstick or dowel into bottom of body to hold while gluing. Place stick in glass while glue dries.

Following tail pattern, cut decorative papers to fit sections. Glue papers onto tail but do not cover papers with glue. Place flat, heavy object, such as a book, on tails to hold down paper until dried.

Cover top, curved edges of tail sections with 1" paper strips.

Assemble turkey with low temperature glue:

a. Glue two tail pieces together.
b. Glue body to front of tail.
c. Cut wings from corrugated paper; glue onto sides of body.
d. Cut out beak, roll into a cone, glue on head.
e. Cut out comb; glue over beak.
f. Glue on eyes.
g. Using metal skewer or tips of scissors, poke holes through the paper along top edges of tail pieces; make nine evenly spaced holes on large tail section and five holes in small section. Insert lollipops.

This craft project reprinted courtesy of the Dow Chemical Company, Manufacturer of Genuine STYROFOAM (R) brand foam.

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