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Hindu Elephant God Craft

Ganesg Chaturthi the Hindu festival is celebrated on September 9th.  This fun Lentil  Gensha craft made with glue and lentils is an easy project for the whole family to enjoy.


Lentils in various colors

School Glue

Black Paint or food color


Mat Board or Heavy Cardboard




You can draw your own outline or click on Printables and print out the pattern provided.

Spread newspaper on your work surface.

Mix a little black food coloring or paint in the glue and mix with chopsticks. Trace around the pattern with glue and let dry.

Spread white glue in one section at a time and use your lentils like mosaic pieces to fill the area. If you want a greater variety of colors you can color the light lentils with food color. Let dry overnight.

You can go over the outline one more time with the black glue if you would like to give it more emphasis.

Let your masterpiece dry and have fun celebrating or learning new things about the world around us.

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Image of Hindu Elephant God Craft


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