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Handprint Fly

Ever try catching a fly. Well here’s a Handprint Fly created by the FreeKidsCrafts Team that will hang around and make you smile.


Two Laminating Sheets or Contact Paper

Yarn or String

Black Pipe Cleaner





Peel the backing off the laminating sheet and place it sticky side up. Squiggle yarn around sticky sheet to make the lines in the fly's wings. Peel the backing off another piece of laminating sheet and lay it sticky side down over the first sheet, sandwiching the yarn in between the two pieces. Fold in half and trace around your hand on it. Cut out, cutting through all the layers so you will have two hands. Print fly body. Glue on handprints to make wings. Cut pipe cleaner into four pieces. Glue to the back of the fly body. Bend ends.

We've posted a photo below of this craft adapted by our favorite traveling grandmother Mary Ruthven. If you click on Printables for this craft, you'll be able to see the adaption in a larger size.

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