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Graduation Cookies

What would kids find more delectable than a graduation celebration with these Graduation Cookes for everyone. Have them on a plate – Put them on the top of Cupcakes – they are just very cool and very easy to make.


Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Red Hot Candies

Red Licorice Laces

Small amount of frosting for the Glue


Use the Peanut butter Cups for the bottom of the cookie.

Add a drop of frosting to act as glue and attach the Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers.

Cut the red Licorice laces to the desired length for tassels. Attach to the graham cracker with a dab of icing and top with a Red Hot candy.

Voila you have your delicious treat.

This project is reprinted courtesy of ThePartyAnimal.org.

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