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Graduation Cap

This easy to make Graduation Cap is terrific for kids to make for a preschool graduation. It’s made from inexpensive supplies you may already have. Check the graduation crafts shown below to add to the party theme.


Plastic or Paper Bowl
8" x 8" Matching Card Stock


Check bowl for fit on child's head. We trimmed off the rim. Turn the bowl upside down and glue the square of card stock on what used to be the bottom of the bowl. Adult should use a scissors to poke a small whole through the middle of the card stock and bowl.

To Make the Tassel

Wrap yarn several times around three fingers. Leave about a foot of yarn on one end. Remove from fingers and pinch together at that end. Use another piece of yarn to wrap pinched strands together. Tie off. Cut open loops on other side. Push long piece of yarn through a hole punched in the top. Tape on the inside to hold in place.


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