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Footprint Ghost Halloween Shirt

Here is a fun Halloween project that can be worn anytime before and during Halloween and saved for special memories.


Old white tee shirt or one in a color you like

Dye if needed 

White Fabric paint

Orange Fabric paint

Black Fabric paint


Dye a plain white t-shirts green or you could use a colored shirt if you can find one in a color you want. This white one had stains on it that dye could easily cover up.This was my 1st time using acrylic paint on clothing and think I will stick to using only fabric paint next time.

To make the ghosts, I painted my son's foot white and pressed it on the shirt to make a footprint ghost body. The acrylic paint dries too fast and I had to fill in gaps on one of them afterwards.

The eyes are made with his fingerprints and the mouth is made with his thumbprint.

To make the Handprint Pumpkin, I painted just the palm of his hand orange and pressed it down. I used black fabric paint with a tip to draw in the pumpkin's face and to write Boo!

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Hand and Footprint Art.

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