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Fluttering Monarch Butterfly

Show the kids how to make this beautiful Fluttering Monarch Butterfly as you teach them all about this beautiful insect that migrates as much as 2,500 miles to get out of the cold.

TriviaDo you  know how to tell a male from a female monarch butterfly? The male monarchs have a black spot on each of the hind wings over a vein. 


8 1/2 x 11-inch copy weight paper
Household wire or paper clips cut to 5 1/2 and 4-inch pieces
Household wire clippers
Optional: 3/8-inch thin washer to allow front wings to spin freely - see last photo below
2 small (1-inch) rubber bands - silicone hair bands are most durable
Glue stick
Round nose jewelry pliers


Print out the Monarch Butterfly template.

Fold the monarch butterfly wings printout using the mountain and valley fold guidelines.

Take care to line wings up precisely. Cut out the wings.

Measure and cut wires.

Fold Longer Wire In Half And Form A Loop At The CenterFold longer wire in half and form a loop at the center. This loop will form a flange to connect the front wing assembly to the tail section.

Bend the flange to a right angle. Form two outward facing hooks on the ends.

Form another hook on each end to bring the outward facing hooks to the center where they will be used to grasp the stretched rubber bands.

Note how the front wing assembly will be inserted into the flange.

Bend shorter wire in half and slip rubber bands on.

Pinch wire together and slide on the washer.

Thread the rubber bands trhough the flange and loop over the tail hooks.

Bend the front wings outward.

Fold wings as shown and glue onto the wire frame with glue stick. Be sure to leave a gap between the front and back wings so the front wings can twirl freely.

Hold the tail assembly in one hand and wind up the front wings fairly tightly. Slip the butterfly into your greeting card and place in envelope.

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Image of Fluttering Monarch Butterfly


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