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Easy To Make Noise Makers

Get the kids in the spirit of New Year’s Eve as they create their own easy to make noise makers. These will also double as an instrument to teach them rhythm.


Two Plastic disposable tumblers
Colored electrical or craft tape
Things to fill shaker (I used pony beads and wood beads. Other suggestions: beans, rice, popcorn kernels, jingle bells, small stones)
Paint and paintbrush, or other decorations for outside of the shaker


Fill one of the plastic glasses with things that make noise. I used pony beads and wood beads, but other suggestions are beans, rice, popcorn kernels, jingle bells, or small stones. Place the other tumbler on top of the first one to enclose the shaker.

Next, secure the glasses together by wrapping the edges together with the colored electrical or craft tape. Press down well.

Decorate the outside of the party shaker. Use paints and a paintbrush to add designs like I did, or try stickers! Enjoy the midnight countdown!

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