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Easy Bird Treats

Winter time is the time to take good care of our  outdoor feathered friends. These easy bird treats will delight youngsters and birds alike.


Slice of sandwich bread for each hanger
Cookie cutter or paring knife
Yarn or other strong piece of string or cord
Peanut butter or vegetable shortening
Wild bird seed


Use a cookie cutter to create shapes from slices of sandwich bread. We did stars and circles for our treats.

Let bread sit on the counter until dried out, a couple of hours should do the trick.

Line a plate with bird seed.

Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to poke a hole through the bread for the string. Be sure that you leave enough room above the hole so that it doesn't tear.

Thread string through the hole and gently tie in a knot.

Spread both sides of bread shape with peanut butter. Coat with bird seed by laying it on the bird seed lined plate and turning over to coat thoroughly.

Hang your creation outside.

Editor's note: Try to hang your treats in close proximity to a branch that the birds can perch on while sampling their goodies.

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